Going green


we think green at fontanaro

We are committed to environmental protection and sustainability.

  • Not using plastic bottle for water!! Our water is drinkable and good in all our houses!! 
  •  Providing guestroom recycler baskets for newspaper, white paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic.
  • Providing recycling bins both in public areas (i.e., pool side) to make recycling as easy as possible.
  • Providing our guests with bicycles, walking tour, maps…and promoting the green life with cooking classes, organic workshop…
  • Turning off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning in unoccupied rooms or employee-only areas
  • Closing/opening drapes to reduce the need for heating/air conditioning
  • Continually checking for and power down unused house equipment (i.e., kitchen exhaust fans) that have been left running
  • Whenever possible, buying food and guest amenities in bulk (i.e., use refillable hair and skin care dispensers).
  • More over our farm il Fontegirasole, the estate partner is 100% organic and certified. Click here for more info.


On our didactic farm at Fontegirasole, adults and children will have a truly unique experience and in close contact with nature and organic products.

They can learn about how life on an italian olive estate works while picking the fruits and vegetables in our synergic garden. They can become the leading players of fantastic stories set in our cooking classes

Upon reservation, you can also bake bread (minimum 4 persons).

A learning experience that is original, creative and fun which will teach you about our Umbrian and Tuscan traditions and the wealth of our land.

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